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Dev Updates,, YouTube, and Flickr on your profile

We’ve been busy recently, and haven’t posted an update on what we’ve done recently, so here are some releases that have been out for a while, but haven’t been announced: Music, Video and Photos on your profile Now you can provide your, YouTube, or Flickr userids to put music, videos or photos on your […]

Email updates and RSS feeds

We’ve been testing email updates and RSS feeds on able2know for a while now, and tonight the features are being opened up for everyone so here’s a quick explanation on them both. Email Updates On any topic page, near the tags, you will find a link to “Get email updates”. Clicking the link will subscribe […]

New BBCode for mp3 files

We made a quick mp3 BBCode that will display a small mp3 player and allow you to listen to a linked mp3. To post an mp3 file, just wrap the url to the mp3 file in “mp3” bbcode. Like this: [mp3][/mp3] For an example of what it displays see here:

Jump to specific page in long threads

On the old software we received a lot of requests for a way to jump to specific pages in long threads, and this weekend we built a quick feature to do this that was released tonight. Now if you see the ellipses (…) on a long topic, you can click them and you’ll see an […]

12/3/08 Update: Home Page, CSS Fixes, Pingback and more

We released some code tonight that we’d been working on this weekend that should fix a number of CSS display bugs in specific browsers. Because these browsers like to interpret the same code a number of ways, this means we may have created other bugs while fixing the previous ones, and though we tested for […]

Featured Topics

Another quick release of code we already had lying around almost ready: featured topics. On several grids we are now displaying a list of featured topics in the grid sidebar. The topics are selected by tags and votes, so if you want to promote a topic up vote it or tag it and as always […]

Next/Previous links on posts

We had some code lying around to put links on each post to jump to the next or previous post. It wasn’t live because it still needs some work, namely it needs to skip over collapsed posts. But while using a trackball without a scroll wheel today I quickly dusted it off and pushed it […]

Tags on profile page

Tags are user-created forums, and as with anything open to all users some will abuse the feature. While tagging is intended to serve as a way to categorize and recommend content it’s also sometimes used to rate the content and criticize it. This is expected, and with enough good user activity it will be overridden […]

The Raven’s Realm closes next year

An MSN group called TheRavensRealm eventually evolved into able2know, and for this reason we are announcing here to the members who first were part of that group that Microsoft is closing MSN Groups and the group will no longer be accessible next year. They offer a way to import the group into different services, which […]

UI Overhaul: New layout and design

Tonight we launched a design update that we’ve been working on for over a month now. The goal was to fix some of the aesthetic deficiencies in the previous design and improve the layout and navigation. The main goals of our update were: Design We wanted a less “washed out” look, and though the color […]