Monthly Archives: February 2010

A faster able2know. We are now using a Content Delivery Network

Some of you may have noticed some missing images today for a brief period, and what you were seeing was a transition where we began to use a content delivery network. To the non-techies among us what we did was move all our static content (images, JavaScript, CSS, etc) and host it with a distributed […]

The 100K Update and joins able2know

On 2010/02/17 able2know reached 100,000 members and jespah got the party started with a tour through able2know history. But due to some timeĀ constraintsĀ it ended up also being a busy day for changes around able2know so I’ll let the 100K festivities continue there and talk about another big change that happened the same day: We also […]

Topic listing and tag listing changes

A couple of big changes have been made to the main grids (the pages that list topics) that you use to browse the site. The first one I personally had thought was going to be very controversial, but after several days of it being live if anyone has noticed it they haven’t mentioned it: The […]

2010/02/10 – Our host, WiredTree, is having network difficulties is offline right now (2010/02/10 20:30 UTC) due to a network issue with our hosts at WiredTree. Their support site is also down and their phone lines busy but they’ve tweeted that: “There is a network issue effecting some network segments. It is being worked on now. We apologize for the inconvenience.” As soon […]