Topic listing and tag listing changes

A couple of big changes have been made to the main grids (the pages that list topics) that you use to browse the site. The first one I personally had thought was going to be very controversial, but after several days of it being live if anyone has noticed it they haven’t mentioned it: The topics per page display has been reduced, making for smaller more manageable pages (the old grids were huge).

The second main change is that user tags are now displayed on most grids. By making the access to the tags more prevalent we hope to emphasize the organizational nature of the tags, and with the tags being placed on their own topic listing pages the graffiti tags don’t just appear on someone else’s thread but on one’s own a2k property as well.

As usual, while we don’t expect this to solve everyone’s problems with how people use tags we think it is a step towards emphasizing the intended use case of the tag feature and hopefully by doing so we’ll change the ratio of useful tags to graffiti tags and improve the community culture a bit.

And as you may have noticed, our development activity with able2know has picked up a lot. There are much bigger changes to come in the near future. 😉