2010/02/10 – Our host, WiredTree, is having network difficulties

Able2know.org is offline right now (2010/02/10 20:30 UTC) due to a network issue with our hosts at WiredTree. Their support site is also down and their phone lines busy but they’ve tweeted that:

“There is a network issue effecting some network segments. It is being worked on now. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

As soon as their network issue is resolved able2know should be back online.

WiredTree updates:

“Update: Not network issue, power issue in 427 S LaSalle which caused a large portion of our racks to lose power momentarily.”

“Waiting on update from facilities manager and explanation from CoreSite as to why. Onsite team bringing things back online as fast as we can”

2010/02/10 21:12 UTC “Power has been restored, a large portion is back online. However, some servers will need to filesystem check which takes time.”

And as of 21:21 UTC we are back online.