Monthly Archives: December 2008

Email updates and RSS feeds

We’ve been testing email updates and RSS feeds on able2know for a while now, and tonight the features are being opened up for everyone so here’s a quick explanation on them both. Email Updates On any topic page, near the tags, you will find a link to “Get email updates”. Clicking the link will subscribe […]

New BBCode for mp3 files

We made a quick mp3 BBCode that will display a small mp3 player and allow you to listen to a linked mp3. To post an mp3 file, just wrap the url to the mp3 file in “mp3” bbcode. Like this: [mp3][/mp3] For an example of what it displays see here:

Jump to specific page in long threads

On the old software we received a lot of requests for a way to jump to specific pages in long threads, and this weekend we built a quick feature to do this that was released tonight. Now if you see the ellipses (…) on a long topic, you can click them and you’ll see an […]

12/3/08 Update: Home Page, CSS Fixes, Pingback and more

We released some code tonight that we’d been working on this weekend that should fix a number of CSS display bugs in specific browsers. Because these browsers like to interpret the same code a number of ways, this means we may have created other bugs while fixing the previous ones, and though we tested for […]