Email updates and RSS feeds

We’ve been testing email updates and RSS feeds on able2know for a while now, and tonight the features are being opened up for everyone so here’s a quick explanation on them both.

Email Updates

On any topic page, near the tags, you will find a link to “Get email updates”. Clicking the link will subscribe you to the topic (and change the link to “Stop email updates” which does what it says when clicked) and you will receive an email if the topic receives a reply when you are logged out. When starting a topic, you’ll have a checkbox that allows you to subscribe to the topic as well.

Email updates are sent with a link to the new post, and no further updates are sent to you until you log back in. That way, you won’t go away to find a flood of emails if the thread gets busy. Email updates also come with a simple link to unsubscribe with one click as well as another link to a page where you can manage all your topic subscriptions.

RSS Feeds

RSS is a way to read lot of sites in one place. For a quick primer see this thread about RSS that I posted a while ago. Able2know now has RSS feeds for every topic grid we display. So you can get a general feed of, say, the popular topics or you can get a specific feed for a particular tag, or even for topics you have tagged a particular tag.

Each page listing topics has an RSS feed icon (see here: ) that takes you to the feed for that particular page. This way you can do things like subscribe to your “My Posts” page and get RSS updates when replies are made to topics you’ve posted in or syndicate a specific tag’s topics on your blog or site.

If you have any questions or you’d like to give feedback about these new features please see this thread I created for this purpose: