Dev Updates,, YouTube, and Flickr on your profile

We’ve been busy recently, and haven’t posted an update on what we’ve done recently, so here are some releases that have been out for a while, but haven’t been announced:

Music, Video and Photos on your profile

Now you can provide your, YouTube, or Flickr userids to put music, videos or photos on your profile. For an example of what this looks like see my profile, where I use all three. For more information or if you have any problems there is a topic about these updates here: Photos, Music and Video on your profile

Posting Bugs

There were some bugs we hunted down that were causing a few users a day to see an exception (an error) message when posting. We have fixed what we believe to be the sources of those bugs, and there haven’t been any since. But if you run into any exception messages when posting please save the message and the url and contact us at the help desk to let us know.

Preferences System Overhaul

We needed to overhaul our preferences system, in order to move on to private messaging, so the entire system was reworked in a way that will make it easier to build on and less prone to errors and bugs.

Markup Cleanup

Our HTML had gotten pretty messy, and some pages had over 500 validation errors (we are markup snobs and use strict XHTML) and a general cleanup was performed that brought the underlying code to a much cleaner state. We aren’t finished, and there are still some non-critical validation errors in our markup, but it’s far from the tag soup that it was just weeks ago.

What’s Next

We have also been working on Private Messaging and Friends, our two next features on our list of priorities. Work on this will be done together with smaller bugfixes and the release of some features we’ve had nearly finished for a while. There are two of us, and initially only Nick can work on Private Messaging so if you see us release small fixes and features please don’t think we aren’t working on Private Messages, or that we can be made to go faster if more requests for Private Messages are made. We know that many of you want them ASAP and so do we, as we have our “coming out of BETA” launch planned when we are able to release that feature.