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One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poison

As an open marketplace for ideas, Able2know seeks to support a diverse range of discussion. One of the inevitable results of said diversity is that some of the speech that occurs freely on Able2know is objectionable to some people, sometimes acutely so. Our preferred way of dealing with such situations is to try to create […]

Our Roadmap and Welcome Philosophy Forum!

On June 9th was hacked (again) through security vulnerabilities in its vBulletin software and associated plugins. We had intended a smooth merger in a few weeks but as you all now know we had to rush this on the 10th to remove the security vulnerability from our servers once in for all and we […]

Contest: Want a free a2k hat?

Here is how: 1) Follow @able2know on twitter ( ) and send us a tweet guessing one of the countries (other than the Vatican City city/state) that a2k has not received any visits from in the last year. OR 2) Fan us on Facebook ( ) and post on our wall guessing one of the countries […]

A faster able2know. We are now using a Content Delivery Network

Some of you may have noticed some missing images today for a brief period, and what you were seeing was a transition where we began to use a content delivery network. To the non-techies among us what we did was move all our static content (images, JavaScript, CSS, etc) and host it with a distributed […]

The 100K Update and joins able2know

On 2010/02/17 able2know reached 100,000 members and jespah got the party started with a tour through able2know history. But due to some time constraints it ended up also being a busy day for changes around able2know so I’ll let the 100K festivities continue there and talk about another big change that happened the same day: We also […]

Topic listing and tag listing changes

A couple of big changes have been made to the main grids (the pages that list topics) that you use to browse the site. The first one I personally had thought was going to be very controversial, but after several days of it being live if anyone has noticed it they haven’t mentioned it: The […]

2010/02/10 – Our host, WiredTree, is having network difficulties is offline right now (2010/02/10 20:30 UTC) due to a network issue with our hosts at WiredTree. Their support site is also down and their phone lines busy but they’ve tweeted that: “There is a network issue effecting some network segments. It is being worked on now. We apologize for the inconvenience.” As soon […]

A2K has moved to Chicago.

We have changed servers again and this time we didn’t just upgrade, we moved to a new datacenter. We are no longer located out of Dallas, Texas and are now hosted in the heart of Chicago. We will also be moving some parts of the site (css, images, JavaScript) to locations around the world so […]

Small usability tweak to direct replies

We’ve made a small tweak to how direct replies to a post are displayed. Previously it would display something like: Re: Username (Post# 123456) The problem with this is that we were seeing members use the post# link when trying to link to a specific post, mistaking the link to the post’s parent for the […]

Private Messages

As announced on the forums, we have launched a bare-bones version of private messaging in addition to a number of other updates to our system back end (caching for the geeks who care) in addition to some visual updates (header colors, font sizes). Private messages are now threaded conversations, with the newest messages at the […]