Monthly Archives: September 2008

Questions vs Discussions

Right now there are two topic types for “Questions” and “Discussions” and the difference between them isn’t fully articulated by the software. Questions are intended for topics where you have a question that you want an answer to. Once having the “right” answer these topics will be less visible. Discussions are open-ended and won’t close […]

A tutorial for formatting articles and websites to share

In the future able2know will have a special topic type dedicated to sharing articles and webpages but in the mean time there’s still a lot of article posting going on and I thought I’d share my tips on making the submissions more useful to others. Link to the article. Give the users a chance to […]

Robots crashed the server

Today there was some downtime as a rogue robot made too many connections to the database and caused it to stop responding. In the future we’ll build some more caching to be able to handle more concurrent connections but we’ll also build in robot banning code that will block robots that don’t respect the robots.txt […]

New image BBCode features (size and align)

We have made updates to the image bbcode to allow you to specify the size and alignment of the images you post. This can be useful if the image is too big or if you’d like the text to wrap the image. Here is how to do it. To specify the size, use width and […]

Introducing Flash Tags

Today we released the flash BBcode tags. This will allow you to embed many different types of flash content within topics and posts. We posted some examples using videos from sites other than youtube and using flash games. Will Ferrell – The Landlord Play Deal or No Deal online Flash Mini Golf game Pandemic 2 […]

Login useability updates

We have just released updates to the authentication portion of the website (logging in and registering). These pages now check your browser for cookie functionality, and will display a message if problems were detected. Cookies are used to maintain users’ logged in status. As this is a critical component to the site, we wanted to […]

Announcing the official A2K Blog

In order to provide a central place for site updates we have created this blog and plan to post any updates or announcements here. We will not be posting updates on the forums so if you want to keep up with the latest changes make sure to check here from time to time. You can […]

Known issues and current development priorities

Right now the main big things we are working on are: Basic fixes and improvements (things like improving the login and register usability) Email updates Restoring old poll data Private Messaging Our top priority right now is making the log in more intuitive for users who are blocking cookies and to change the credentials to […]

Tagging updates

The back end infrastructure of tags has been updated to fix some bugs in the way popular and related tags were counted. We also added the tags under the topic titles on the topic listings to help give context to the topic titles and give users a better idea of what the topic is about […]