Known issues and current development priorities

Right now the main big things we are working on are:

  1. Basic fixes and improvements (things like improving the login and register usability)
  2. Email updates
  3. Restoring old poll data
  4. Private Messaging

Our top priority right now is making the log in more intuitive for users who are blocking cookies and to change the credentials to accept either a username or an email address.

Polls from the old site will have the previous data displayed as text in the first post for now. We may consider a poll feature in the future.

Email updates are being planned right now, and the big question is what kind of volume it will operate with. For example, would it send out an email for every reply to a topic? Would it send out an email once a day for each topic? Would it send a member an email once a day with all the topics with new replies? We’ll try to start off with something conservative (less email) and see how it goes.

Private Messaging will come back with the private messages from the old site moved into the new site’s database.

We don’t have any specific timelines for any of these things. Nick and I are going back to full time employment elsewhere this week and will do these things in our spare time.