Introducing Flash Tags

Today we released the flash BBcode tags. This will allow you to embed many different types of flash content within topics and posts. We posted some examples using videos from sites other than youtube and using flash games.

To use them, wrap the url to the .swf file in [flash] tags. You should specify height and width attributes like this [flash width =500 height=400].

Here is an example:

[flash width=480 height=400][/flash]

Not all flash files will work this way, sometimes there are parameters being passed in that can be moved to the query string but a good way to try is to load your swf url (most of the time they end in .swf) in your browser and see if it works. Please also make sure to preview your posts to check that the flash works and that your height and width attributes aren’t making it look bad.

Tip: You can find flash content to post using “filetype:swf” on Google. For example, “filetype:swf games”.