12/3/08 Update: Home Page, CSS Fixes, Pingback and more

We released some code tonight that we’d been working on this weekend that should fix a number of CSS display bugs in specific browsers. Because these browsers like to interpret the same code a number of ways, this means we may have created other bugs while fixing the previous ones, and though we tested for them we may have missed a few. If you run into a bug, please let us know through the contact us link in the footer.

We also released a rough home page widget for logged in members, to display the account and preferences more prominently and to include the latest blog post, so that you don’t have to check the blog as often.

And lastly, we released some code that performs pingbacks and trackbacks on linked blogs, meaning that when you comment on a site on able2know, it will ping the site using those protocols. If you are a blog owner and notice anything funky in our implementation please let us know.