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Talking rules

Like every community site, Able2Know grapples with the dilemmas of moderating objectionable content – and defining what “objectionable content” is. Some of it is easy to identify. Our volunteer moderators remove unceasing amounts of spam. Rare appearances of gore and pornography are dealt with swiftly. Other lines are harder to draw. Especially on political threads, […]


We’ve created a new position that we’re calling “ombudsmen.”  The purpose of this position is to look for technical problems with A2K, and then report those problems to the developers.  If the ombudspeople learned of a problem because you brought it to their attention, they will follow up with you to let you know when […]

The New Design Is Here

That was quick! We are putting together an explanation of the changes that will be posted soon. Robert explains a bit about the new Able2Know group here: There is a feedback thread here: Please let us know if you are having any issues.  Thanks!

Call for Volunteers

We appreciate how many people have offered to help us out at A2K. Here’s your chance! There are two types of volunteers that we need right now, testers and moderators. Testers are the first to see a new feature before it is launched. They experiment with the new feature, seeing if everything works the way […]

Maintenance from 11 PM to 1 AM CDT

Our host, WiredTree, has let us know that they will be doing maintenance from 11 PM to 1 AM CDT.  They don’t expect that it will cause much of a problem:  “During this maintenance window, there may be one or more brief interruptions while network traffic is rerouted across our providers. We expect overall client […]

A2K has moved to Chicago.

We have changed servers again and this time we didn’t just upgrade, we moved to a new datacenter. We are no longer located out of Dallas, Texas and are now hosted in the heart of Chicago. We will also be moving some parts of the site (css, images, JavaScript) to locations around the world so […]

The Launch

On August 14th, 2008 we launched the new a2k software we’d been working on for so long. This was the first topic on new site and Letty was the first member to respond.