Call for Volunteers

We appreciate how many people have offered to help us out at A2K. Here’s your chance! There are two types of volunteers that we need right now, testers and moderators.

Testers are the first to see a new feature before it is launched. They experiment with the new feature, seeing if everything works the way it is supposed to, and reporting anything that does not work well to the developers. The feature that currently needs testing is groups, but we will continue to need testers in the future for other purposes as well.

You are probably more familiar with the concept of moderators. Our most pressing need at this point is for more people in more time zones to see and promptly zap spam. Right now the reporting system works well (thank you to all who report spam!), and we are able to remove all of the spam that is reported. However, sometimes spam languishes for a while (especially overnight) before a moderator sees it and pulls it, and some spam isn’t reported and stays up for a good long time before we are able to find it and pull it — if we find it at all. (Every now and then we come across spam that is months or years old.)

If you are interested in doing one of these things to help out A2K, or would like to know more, please use the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page.

Thank you!