We’ve created a new position that we’re calling “ombudsmen.”  The purpose of this position is to look for technical problems with A2K, and then report those problems to the developers.  If the ombudspeople learned of a problem because you brought it to their attention, they will follow up with you to let you know when the problem has been resolved by the developers.  (And the developers can continue on their merry developing way without having to deal with the cus… members.)

While the ombudsmen will be looking out for problems all over able2know, if you have a concern, the best way to make sure they see it is to put it on this forum within the able2know group:

The current ombudspeople are:


Most of this group responded to our call for volunteers — this is essentially the tester position (with an additional communication component).  Many thanks to all of them for their willingness to help!

Note, this is an informal, intermediary position.  The ombudspeople won’t be speaking officially for able2know, or making predictions about when a given problem will be solved, or giving you a sneak peak at new features that are in the pipeline.  They’ll just be making sure that your bug reports reach the developers, and then will be following up with you.  (Please do not send them PMs — they will not respond if you do. Keeping the reports public is better; it keeps everyone informed and reduces duplication.) Sometimes a given issue will be unfixable, or will be put on hold to be fixed as part of a larger project down the line.  But this should be a more efficient way for the developers to deal with most bugs and other technical problems with able2know.