Monthly Archives: August 2008

Last post username now displayed on topic grid

The username of the last user to reply to a topic is now being displayed on the topic listings to help users track the latest activity of the topic from the topic listings.

Replying auto votes up a thread or post

Because voting down collapses a post or topic for a user there was more motivation to use the voting down than voting up. Now users who respond to a topic or post automatically vote it up (as long as they haven’t already voted, and the vote can be changed at any time) and the topic […]

Quote preference added

If you’d like to have a quote button displayed on every post you can now enable it in your preferences. It is not there by default because it is confusing to users not familiar with the feature to have a “reply” and “quote” button but the users who rely on it can now enable it.

Tag limiting tweaked

Limits on user topic tags and the related tags displayed on a tag page have been changed.

Topics per page increased to 50

The topics displayed per page has been increased to 50 allowing for more topics to be viewed at one time.

The site search layout has been fixed for “static” layout users

If you use the static layout the site search should no longer cause horizontal scrolling.

Preference page cleanup

The preference page has had basic styling and messages added.

The home page date filter changed to one week

At launch the home page defaulted to one day of topics, the default is now one week. Users who want to see earlier topics can select “Month”, “Year” or “All Time” to show older topics.

Post and topic collapse threshold preference bug fixed

The preference for the threshold at which topics and posts are collapsed had a bug that is now fixed.

Text encoding and BBcode bugs fixed

Some issues with character encoding in quotes have been fixed along with some url tag bugs.