Monthly Archives: August 2008

Signature display preference bug fixed

The bug preventing the user preference to display signatures from working has been fixed.

Tag page sorting bug fixed

A bug that prevented tag pages from sorting the topics correctly has been fixed.

Ignore user bug and preview post bug for IE fixed

The bug that prevented Internet Explorer users from being able to use the “ignore user” button and the bug that would post to the thread when using the preview button in IE has been fixed.

Site search from Google implemented

The old site search was broken and dying, as it tried to keep a database table of every word ever used while matching it to every post that ever used the word. So the new site search we make is going to be done right (able to scale to our size) and will take us […]

Gravatars on able2know

Gravatars are “Globally Recognized Avatars” and were developed by the folks responsible for Word Press. It works as a third party provider of avatars that allows you to use the same avatar on multiple sites. Because the avatars are useful to help distinguish between members more easily a unique avatar is generated and displayed for […]

Submitting a report now sends an email to the help desk

If you submit a report for a post or topic, it will now send an email to the help desk where you can get a response from moderators. If you want to contact the moderators for anything other than a post report you can also just use the contact us link in the footer of […]

Session expiration raised to 15 minutes of inactivity

The previous site logged a user out if they were inactive (no page loads) for 5 minutes. At least it intended to as this didn’t always work. The new site launched with the same 5 minute session expiry but after users indicated they were being logged out too often this was raised to 15 minutes. […]

Default post size changed to fully expanded

At launch the default was to show posts with a vertical scroll with the option to expand individual posts. There was an option to show them all expanded that is now the default behavior.

Duplicate tag bug fixed

A bug that allowed tags with different case to show up as duplicate tags has been fixed. It was caught early and only a few tags had been entered this way but in order to fix them several user tags were deleted.

Post collapse preference bug fixed

A bug that prevented the preference for showing posts with vertical scroll or fully expanded was fixed and the preference should now work.