New YouTube BBCode Tags

Today we added the ability to embed YouTube videos using [youtube] BBcode. To embed a YouTube video just put the url between the tags like this: [youtube][/youtube]

You can check out the first video posted to the site here: How to paint the Mona Lisa in 80 nanoseconds

We aren’t putting this in the BBCode toolbar right now, as we plan to make many such custom tags available in the future and they won’t all fit.

Update: please note that youtube doesn’t allow you to embed all videos, so you should check to see if they do before trying to embed it or it will say the video “is no longer available”. In those cases linking to the video (instead of using the youtube tags) is the best way to post it.

Update 2: The youtube tags are currently limited to the root level of the post. Basically that means that you can’t put them inside any other tags (for example the quote tags). This may change in the future if we have time to do a thourough examination of the ways it can and should work.

When in doubt, use preview. Any changes we make will be reflected there so please preview your posts if you are using advanced bbcode.