Duplicate post/overpost filter, new roadmap

As you might have noticed, our development pace has slowed as we had to return to other jobs to pay the bills. But we’re still actively working on site improvements and here are some we made today as well as our current development roadmap.

Duplicate Post Filter: We released code to prevent duplicate posts.

Topic Flood Limit: We released code to prevent a user from making more than 3 posts (current settings, may change) to the same topic in a row to reduce the ability any one individual has to distrupt threads. The limit only lasts for 24 6 hours, and only as long as nobody else posts. So now one member can’t flood a topic with posts as easily. It won’t prevent such disruptions but it can reduce the volume significantly.

Current Roadmap

We are working on a navigation overhaul combined with a design update to address the rough spots in the site design and the user interface. The improvements we need to make here are fundamental and we need to address them before moving on to other features (like private messaging) so this is our current priority.

We also need to address the email updates, new users who ask questions aren’t sent emails when they get replies and we’ll be looking to address this next.

Private messaging is one of our next top priorities, but as this is a secondary feature to the site (and in a pinch email tends to work similarly) the navigation and email updates take precedence.

No timelines exist but we estimate that the navigation and email updates constitute several weeks of work and we don’t have much more visibility than that at the moment. Any updates or changes will be posted to this blog.